VR for Medicine

We are specialists in developing applications for this sector. VR adds a new dimension, both for healthcare professionals and patients alike.

VR for Training

Deliver innovative training sessions. By personalizing learners’ virtual environments, they are more likely remember the experience for longer.

VR for Health & Safety

Specialized Occupational Health and Safety Training Improve learning, optimize resources and minimize risks through simulations.

VR for Marketing

We specialize in events, trade shows and conventions… Draw in your audience with a new type of experiential marketing.

VR for Architecture

Architecture, urban planning and real estate. There’s a new way to show off your projects: live them!

VR for Serious Games

Gamification brings many benefits to businesses and, with immersive virtual reality, the sky’s the limit.

VR for Tourism

Transport holidaymakers and show them their destination in a way which they would never have imagined.

VR for 360 Video

360 video recording with multi-camara systems

VR Partnerships

Bespoke application development and consulting